Best Small Guitar Amps


Guitar amps and guitar amps have evolved at such a rapid rate in the last couple of years. Breakthroughs in technology and built-in features, and incorporated amps are great for consumers in terms of cost. If you are looking for the best small guitar amps, there are many choices out there. You can choose the best choices. There are some for beginners and other for experienced guitarists. It is important to have necessary info about small guitar amps. Many people end up buying poor amps. Those who have ample knowledge on amps has a great advantage when buying or choosing amps. We are going to review some of the best small guitar amps.

Top 5 Best Small Guitar Amps

1. Peavey Vypyr VIP 1

If you need a guitar amp, this would be a great choice. It is very powerful and highly effective. This is one of the best and top rated quality small guitar amps. This is an awesome little VIP 1 amp.

2. Fender Mustang I

This amp has attracted a good number of people. Many guitarists love it due to performance. It is great. It a high quality amps. Not many amps would match this one. This amp is great in terms of price, quality, and performance. The new and improved Mustangs feature 17 amps models, USB compatibility among other great features. It is one of the best, top rated and powerful amps. It is compatible with PC, and you can use FUSE to customize your amps with specialized settings, tweak amp model and offers you access to a unique Fender media library. If you want to buy amps, this one should be on your list. It is great, high powered and best quality small guitar amp.

3. Fender Mustang I

This is many people’s favorite amps. This amp is totally different than the two above. This amp is more amazing. It is a product of Marshal series. It is more advanced. This is a high quality amp that will never disappoint. This amp is high powered. It has modern features that make it unique in terms of quality and performance.

4. Hear the Marshall MG15

Hear the Marshall MG15 amp has attracted a good number of people. Many guitarists love it due to performance. It is great. It a high quality amp. Not many amps would match this one. . It is one of the best, top rated and powerful amps. Having a list of the best small guitar amps is great. Gathering enough info about the product you is about to buy is the best thing you can do. You reduce the risk of buying low quality and fake items. People who do enough research are better off than those who don’t. The above reviewed are best. You can choose from either. Those are the best amps you can ever buy for your small amps. If you wanted to buy the best small guitar amps, you have the chance to choose from the above list. Always choose the amp that suits you well. Always choose the best small guitar amps


Best Electric Guitars Review and Buying Guide for Beginners


Making a choice on the best electric guitar to buy as a beginner can be hard if you have no idea what to look for in a guitar. Below is a review of the best electric guitars for a beginner as well as a buying guide for a guitar. If you’re looking for acoustic guitars we suggest going to Baloo Blues.

A review of 5 best electric guitars for a beginner

1. Epiphone Les Paul Standard

This guitar is designed by Les Paul. The Les Paul Standard has a mahogany body and neck, a maple top, and a rosewood fretboard. This guitar is great for beginners as well as experienced guitar players. It has good sound quality, and you can stay with it for years after you buy it.

2. Fender modern player telecaster

This classic model has been remodeled with several enhancements to meet the modern player’s requirements. It has great sound versatility because of the HSS pickup combination.

3. Dean V Dave Mustaine

This model has a simple design and is ideal for swift movement. It’s comfortable to hold for long hours. It can take the sound output to extreme levels. When played it produces a metal tone sound. It is also affordable compared to other guitars of a similar level of quality.

4. Yamaha Pacifica Series- PAC112V

This electric guitar is specifically designed for beginners. It has installed two single-coiled pickups with a humbucker between them. Its body design is similar to a Strat, has a maple neck, and rosewood fretboard. It is very affordable and quite handy for the beginner.

5. Ibanez RG450DX

Its high-end electronics and hardware enable it to have great sound versatility and quality. The combination of its triple pickup and the Edge-Zero II Tremolo Bridge enable it to have great sound variety. Its light in weight thus can allow for swift movement. This guitar is stylish and does not disappoint on the quality of output it delivers.

Buying Guide

The first thing you consider is the size, weight and the sound output of the guitar. As a beginner who is not used to holding a guitar for long hours, it would make sense to settle for a guitar that is lightweight. If you are a young beginner, the travel or mini guitars would be ideal for you. The sound output that you require is determined by your music tastes and ambitions.

It is also important that you choose a guitar that stays in tune and is easy to play. As a beginner, because you are still learning how to play and tune the guitar if you get one which is not easy to manage these tasks you might end up taking longer to learn and even strain to play it. Choosing the one you can manage these tasks with ease makes it a lot easier for you to practice hence learning faster how to play guitar.

Quality guitars are pricey but when you consider the great sound versatility and quality, and the ease with which they are tuned and played, it makes it a worthy investment. Also quality guitars last longer so even several years after you have mastered how to play the guitar it will still be in great shape.